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Bathroom Extraction

Warm and Dry Homes only use centrifugal fans, which are much more powerful, whilst still being quiet. Find out more


Centrix Bathroom Extraction

People are consistently telling us that their bathroom extract fans just aren’t doing a good job at keeping their bathrooms free of moisture. They have foggy mirrors and water dripping down the walls, and spend thousands repainting and replacing window frames and ceilings.

The problem is caused by underperforming extract fans due to resistance. Most bathrooms require around 90 litres per second of air extraction to be properly ventilated. This leads to people installing a small axial fan that does 901/s. Unfortunately this doesn’t take into account of ‘resistance caused by the grilles and ducting. This can result in a 50% reduction in actual airflow.

Warm and Dry Homes only use centrifugal fans, which are much more powerful, whilst still being quiet. The comparison between an axial and a centrifugal fan is exactly like comparing a propeller plane to one with a jet engine – a big increase in performance.
We also recommend the addition of a run-on timer, which l<eeps the fan running for another 7-8 minutes after you leave the bathroom and turn everything off. This essentially doubles the extract capacity of the fan. Couple that with a centrifugal fan, and it means that even when resistance has been taken into account, the actual airflow is enough to keep your bathroom nice and dry, and mirrors clear right throughout the year.

Centrifugal fan for higher capacity

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