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Central & Ducted Heating, Installation Costs & Heating Options

Everything you need to know about keeping your home warm and dry in Christchurch.

From heat pumps to heat transfer systems, we have you covered. Whether it’s underfloor heating, or solar panels on your roof, or something in between, we’re here to answer all your heating questions.

Find out about your home heating options now and how much it costs to heat your home.


Home Heating Costs & Options

Facts about Heating
The 3 main types of heating
What is ducted heating?

Heating is the single largest energy cost for most Christchurch households. The average Kiwi family of four spends well over a thousand dollars a year on heating alone, and that cost is no guarantee of a warm home! Are you spending in the right place?

There are so many options to consider that it can seem overwhelming, from the different types of fuel sources—including natural gas, electricity, propane, solar power and wood—to the variety of heating equipment systems available. Which is the best? Are you getting the most out of your current heating system? Are there more cost-effective options?

The answer is: there are pros and cons with each system, so running cost comparisons can be complex. Working out how much it costs to heat your home will depend on the type of heating you want to use. The following information is intended to introduce to you a wide range of heating options for Christchurch homes, and their relative costs, to help you make your decision.

Of course, nothing compares with an onsite assessment from our trained professional installers. Our team will work to find the best home heating and ventilation installation solution for you. No two houses are the same. To calculate the heating/cooling load of your home, we take into account various factors such as:

  • The square footage of your home
  • The number and position of windows/doors
  • Your lifestyle – are you homebodies, or out all day? Night-owls or early risers?
  • The number of people living in the home
  • How much insulation the home has, and double glazing
  • The orientation of the home and Christchurch sunlight

So make sure you contact us for a free quote. But here are some useful facts providing guidance on heating efficiently and effectively, and the low costs (and high savings!) when you get the right people to find the right heating system for you.

Facts about Heating Costs

There are 3 main types of heating, but the energy sources of heating can vary. Sources include electricity from the grid (for heater or heat pump), solar, gas, diesel or gas boiler, log fire. Consumer NZ also found that heat pumps had the lowest national median running costs for space heating, followed by natural gas, then underfloor electric heating. Next were wood pellet burners, then wood burners, followed by LPG fluid heaters and finally, electric resistance heaters.

The 3 Main Types of Heating are:

  1. Room-to-room Heating
  2. Heat Transfer
  3. Central Heating & Ducted Heating Systems


  1. Room-to-room Heating Cost

    Just a few decades ago Kiwis just put up with single room heating. We’d flick on the old ‘lectric heater to attempt to fight the freeze, and put on portable heaters in our bedroom. We accepted conditions that our overseas neighbours would consider sub-standard, and simply accepted that many rooms in our homes would always be cold in winter. Thankfully those days are long gone.

    An electric heater costs between 19 cents and 40 cents per unit (kWh) of heat produced. EECA Energywise puts a heat pump between 3 cents and 16 cents per unit. That’s roughly 60% to 85% more economical, and it’s more environmentally friendly.

    Come on NZ; it’s time to put those expensive little electric heaters out to pasture.

  1. Heat Transfer

    A heat transfer system takes the excess heat from the living areas using a thermostat and fan and distributes it via insulated ducting throughout as many rooms as you choose. This opens up some great options. Do you have a log burner that you love, but still have cold bedrooms?

    There’s something to be said for a classic: the iconic Kiwi log burner can be used for heat transfer. As you know, log burners put out a huge amount of heat, but quite often this leaves the rest of the house cold and uncomfortable. Together with a heat transfer system, a log burner can be a great heating performer, and provide an effective and holistic approach to reducing your heating costs.

  1. Central Heating & Ducted Heating Systems

    Like the name suggests, central heating is from a central part of your home. A primary heat pump is in the main living space, with heaters still being used in the rooms that the heat pump doesn’t reach. At savings of 16 to 34 cents per kWh versus portable electric heaters, Sustainability Trust chief executive Phil Squire says: “If you can afford it, then central heating is a wonderful solution”.


    Central heating can also be achieved with radiators. With this system, water is heated by a diesel boiler, gas boiler or ground-source heat pump and circulated through insulated pipes to radiators in every room. The heated water can also be circulated to provide underfloor heating and to heat towel rails. This type of heating has been used for a long time in Europe and has been gaining popularity in NZ over the last 30 years.

    However, many Kiwis are choosing the ultimate solution of ducted heating systems for maximum performance and energy efficiency. Ducted heat pumps are a form of central heating. Just like central heating, they can provide warmth throughout your home and are an energy-efficient heating solution. 


So what is ducted heating and how is it different from central heating?

Both are very different in terms of how they heat your home. Ducted heat pumps offer a great alternative to traditional central heating. A ducted system heats up your entire home like central heating, but it’s more energy-efficient, cheaper to run, and gives you more control over what you want, where you want, and when you want it.

With ducted heating, you’re not limited to one central living space. Vents from the heat pump go into many rooms. You can create as much warm space as you desire to spread out around your home, and have total control over your heating system. And by using more available rooms in winter, instead of gathering in one spot, you can directly improve the health of your family.

Ducted heating can also be achieved by utilising log burners, gas etc., and allows you to combine the best options for your heating equipment with a whole-house approach.


Check out a sample of how Warm & Dry Homes might layout a ducted heat pump system.

Ducted heat pump layout

Ducted heating costs pump layout

Warm and Dry Homes: Central Home Heating installation costs and options

Choose Warm Dry Homes for your home heating solutions. We have the lowest prices and the best Service. We’re a proudly Christchurch, Canterbury owned and operated company.

We offer a great variety heat transfer systems from one room right through to four-room kits, and we can also custom design kits to suit your individual needs and have different temperatures in different rooms.


Our Heating Costs options


Here is a guide to the cost of our heating options:


  • Rangehood Modification 1-2k
  • Heat Transfer Kits 1-2k
  • Positive Pressure Ventilation 2-4k
  • Balanced Ventilation 5-6k
  • Central Heating Systems 10k Plus
  • Efficient Heating Systems 10k Plus
  • Underfloor Heating 20k Plus

We also offer

  • Underfloor installation 25k plus
    Rangehood modification $1200 – $1800

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