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Positive Pressure and Balanced Ventilation Systems.

Choose Warm Dry Homes for your ventilation systems and banish dampness and condensation. We have the lowest prices and the best Service being a Christchurch, Canterbury owned and operated company.



When the dryness of summer slowly disappears and the damp of autumn and winter rears its ugly head, this is quickly followed by the nuisance of crying windows. Condensation is the visual reminder that your home is literally full of moisture, which is not only harmful to a healthy environment for you and your family, but is also a damaging and costly threat to your property.

Proper ventilation will prevent the buildup of dangerous moulds, which is great news for asthmatics and allergy sufferers. The consequent removal of moisture around the home saves thousands of dollars in home maintenance, ranging from replacing rotten window framing to replacing curtains and repainting just to name a few. With a wide range of heat recovery and passive ventilation options, Warm and Dry Homes has it covered when it comes to keeping your home healthy and dry, right throughout the year.

Our systems, mounted in the roof space, take air heated by the sun and provide free heat and fresh air into your home. We also incorporate electric heaters that kick in when things get really cold, to ensure your house is not only dry, but warm during the coldest months.

Warm and Dry Homes offers two distinct types of ventilation systems – Positive Pressure and Balanced Pressure.

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Warm and Dry Homes is proud to introduce the new HEX390 Domestic Ventilation System with Heat Exchanger – made in New Zealand for New Zealand Conditions.


Traditional domestic ventilation systems are ‘positive pressure’. They bring air in from outside via the roof space and force the stale air out through gaps around windows and doors. The incoming air from these systems has to be heated or cooled to keep the house warm in winter or cool in summer.

The HEX390 is a ‘balanced pressure’ system. It extracts air from the house and at the same time brings fresh air in. These two streams of air pass through a heat exchanger, which warms incoming air in winter and cools incoming air in summer. This means that up to 80% of the energy which would be wasted using a traditional positive pressure system is recovered by the HEX390, resulting in significant energy savings and therefore cost savings.

Until recently, balanced pressure ventilation systems have been considerably more expensive than traditional positive pressure systems. However, a HEX390 balanced pressure system can be installed for a similar price as a traditional positive pressure system.

Under clause G4 of the New Zealand Building Code, one HEX390 unit could ventilate a standard 2.4m ceiling height house up to 450sqm. However, we recommend one HEX390 per 250sqm for optimum operation.

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To provide a cost-effective solution to condensation problems, Smooth-Air has designed, developed and manufactured the Dry-Matic range in New Zealand for New Zealand conditions. Dry-Matic Ventilation Systems are ideal for:

  • Existing Homes
  • New Homes
  • Rental Accommodation


Solar Heat
Roof and ceiling spaces are excellent passive collector of solar energy. This warm dry air is channelled back into the house as the Dry-Matic forces the warmed air into the cooler living spaces.

Recycles Lost Heat
Warm air rising into the roof from home heating is recovered and recycled back into the house, resulting in much-reduced heating costs.

Anti Condensation
The Dry-Matic forces out the stale moist air that causes problem condensation and damp conditions, replacing it with clean dry air.

One Dry-Matic unit ventilates homes to a maximum of 275sqm (3000sq.ft) and provides even heat distribution from a single or multi vent supply.

Fresher Air
The positive pressure created by the Dry-Matic significantly reduces the concentrations of outgassing from new furniture and new house construction.

Windows and exterior doors remain closed.

Protects valuable furnishings, ceilings, windows and household contents from costly damage and eliminates damp bedding.

The modular system is designed for easy installation into new or existing homes.

Fully Automatic
Super quiet operation for 24-hour control with minimal disturbance.

Allergy Relief
Dry-Matic greatly reduces the concentration of airborne dust mites and allergens which may provide real relief to Asthma sufferers.

Create a dry, healthy home with Dry-Matic, installed into your attic space to provide continuous, filtered fresh air into your whole home, for as little as 10 cents per day *

* Based on Model DM01D


Dry-Matic is available in a range of heated and unheated models to suit all types of homes:

“For Well Heated Homes” – DM01D
Automatic Model with digital hall controller. Suited for well-heated homes.

“The Best Seller” – DM07D
Automatic heated (750W) model with digital hall controller.
– System status display.
– Attic/hall temperature display.

“Heats & Dehumidifies” – DM15D
Automatic heated (1500W) model with digital hall controller.
– System status display.
– Attic/hall temperature display.

“The Set & Forget” – DM07B
A semi-automatic heated (750W) model.
– Attic mounted controls.
– Heater thermostat & over-temp off modes.

“The Landlords Special” – DM01B
A semi-automatic model with attic mounted controls so your tenants can’t mess with things.

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