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Efficient Home Heating & Ventilation Systems & Solutions

Dampness, Condensation, No Heat?

At Warm Dry Homes, we are experts at the installation of efficient home heating & ventilation systems and solutions including keeping your home beautifully warm & dry! – Including:

  • Fujitsu central heat pumps
  • Hex Balanced ventilation systems
  • Drymatic positive pressure ventilation systems
  • Quila ultra quiet Rangehood modifications
  • Energy-efficient heating
  • Heat transfer systems
  • Underfloor installation
  • Centrix bathroom extract systems

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Warm and Dry Homes specialises in a wide range of heating and ventilation options that will not only keep you and your family warm, dry and healthy but will protect and preserve your property for years to come.

Recognising the needs of modern homeowners

Warm and Dry Homes recognises the needs of the modern, contemporary homeowner. For decades New Zealanders have tolerated living in conditions that the rest of the developed world would consider sub-standard. Here at Warm and Dry Homes, we specialise in a wide array of heating and ventilation options that not only keep you and your family warm, dry, healthy and comfortable but also protect and preserve our properties from costly repairs for years to come. Warm and Dry Homes is also proud to be associated with Mike Greer Homes and has completed several show home installations.

Our Mission

The Warm and Dry Homes mission is to improve the health and well being of New Zealanders by promoting warm, dry and healthy living environments. The results of our work reduce instances of respiratory illness and sickness, leading to a better, healthier life for everyone.


Our heating and ventilation systems

It’s our promise if to find you the best and most affordable heating and ventilation for your budget.
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Ventilation Systems

We have both balanced and positive pressure systems to keep your home dry and healthy year-round, with low running costs and great filtration in our Chch made units. Ventilation Systems »


Ducted Heating

When it comes to a total home heating solution, you simply can’t go past a central heat pump.
Ducted heat pumps


Range Hood Ventilation

Our super quiet whisper quiet Quila extract systems (the quietest in NZ) means you can use your rangehood and still have a conversation without yelling.
Kitchen Rangehoods »


Bathroom Extraction

Centrifugal fans, which are much more powerful, whilst still being quiet.
Centric Bathroom Extract Systems »


Underfloor Heating

Heat your entire home from the floor up with efficient heat pump powered underfloor heating.
Underfloor Heating »


Heat Transfer

Use the excess heat from your log burner to heat the whole house throughout winter. Our thermostats mean your living room is kept at a comfortable temperature as well. Heat Transfer


We also do HRV servicing, bathroom ventilation, underfloor heating, solar and radiators. Ph 027 515 8799

Why Us

With warm Dry Homes, you can save 100’s thousands of dollars compared to an HRV or DVS system

We had Grant out last week to service our Hex heat exchange system. He was very friendly, helpful and happy to take the time to go over the system and explain it to us. Great service, will definitely use again in the future.
Jack Stevenson

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Warm & Dry Homes recently installed a Drymatic Unit dry air system in my home in Upper Riccarton. Prior to this the condensation problem I had was really bad I could easily get a litre of water off every large window and we were constantly fighting mould on curtains and carpet and I worried about getting sick from the mould in the air. Since the system was installed the problem has completely gone and you can fee the difference how dry the home now is. Our home is now much easier to heat no longer feels damp in any room and there has been zero mould since the system started up. Prior to this I had gotten quotes for Double glazing, I no longer need it. I reckon installing this system has not only improved the health and air quality of our home but saved me in the region of $20,000 that I may have spent on Double glazing and that would not have given me healthy air. Most people don’t realise how bad Heat Pumps are on their own in contributing to the damp air problem as they are just recirculating the same air, but in combination with a Drymatic unit it is the best solution. This is a ‘no brainer’ guys every home needs the addition of a Drymatic system. Also I should add that I could not say enough about the Warm & Dry Homes team. They were a friendly bunch, quick and efficient in providing the right solution for me. So what are you waiting for, give Brendan a call it’s as easy as that.

Grant Payne

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We had HRV around and we found them very pushy and expensive, We found no pressure to buy with Warm and dry homes and they were Fast and friendly.
Luke Cochrane

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